Previous Events

  • 8 February 2020 – Bring and Discuss

Chairman, Matthew Richards, reminded everyone that the Branch Secretary will be stepping down at the AGM in September and appealed for volunteers to take on this role which will now be split into two with a Branch Secretary looking after membership, general enquiries etc and an Events Secretary looking after events.  As these roles are pivotal to the successful functioning of the Branch it is hard to see how the Branch could continue to function without them being filled.

The ‘bring and discuss’ session was well subscribed as usual with several contributions from members.

  • Some interesting repairs that passed through one member’s workshop.
  • A John Wilding skeleton clock 35 years in the making.
  • A selection of novelty wooden toys made by a member.
  • A Westminster chiming longcase clock of around 1776 – 1800, attributed to Samuel Ashton of Bredbury (possibly Breadbury?), Cheshire.
  • The unusual behaviour of a Murday clock.
  • A wonderful, if sadly incomplete, German clock movement of 1690 – 1700.
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