Previous Events

  • 9 May 2020 – Meeting cancelled due to coronavirus pandemic. 
  • 11 April 2020 – Meeting cancelled due to coronavirus pandemic.
  • 14 March 2020 – Speaker Ashley Strachan.  ‘Jean-Antoine Lépine’

Ashley’s interest in Lépine began when he started collecting pocket watches at the age of about eight, a collection which now includes a number of Lépine examples.

Following a brief biographical summary he considered those attributes that made Lépine such a successful horologist.  He was a good craftsman, an inventor and he had good business partners, including amongst others Breguet and Voltaire.

Lépine revolutionised watch design through several of his inventions and improvements which became adopted standards, some still in use today.  Ashley described a number of these in his talk before going on to list some of Lépine’s more illustrious clients including Louis XV, Louis XVI, Napoleon and George Washington.

Ashley concluded by talking about three of the Lépine watches in his collection and how he acquired them.  Following an interesting discussion, members then had the opportunity to look at the three watches which Ashley had brought along to the meeting.  He was thanked for his informative, interesting and enjoyable talk.

As several members were unable to attend this meeting Ashley will repeat his talk in next year’s programme.

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