Unless otherwise stated events will be held in the Canons’ Gait all beginning at 2.00pm.  Meetings are usually preceded optionally by a bar lunch at the Canons’ Gait Bar, 232 Canongate, Edinburgh, EH8 8DQ at 12:30. Please remember to let the Secretary know if you want to attend the lunch:

There is an intention to try to keep a virtual steam (Zoom) running in parallel with a feed from the hall.

08-Apr-23 Canon’s Gait Herman Aron Clocks and Inventions by Richard Thomson

13-May-23 Canon’s Gait Scotland Watch Co, Now and Future by Tomek Borkowy & Colin Graham

We are always on the lookout for new speakers or topics to include in our programmes.  If you have any suggestions, or perhaps would like to volunteer to give a talk yourself, please contact the Branch Secretary.

See also our Previous Events.

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