Unless otherwise stated events will be held virtually and in the Harry Younger Hall, 13 Lochend Court Edinburgh EH8 8BP all beginning at 2.00pm.  Meetings at the Harry Younger Hall are usually preceded by a bar lunch at the Canons’ Gait Bar, 232 Canongate, Edinburgh, EH8 8DQ at 12:30. Please remember to let the Secretary know if you want to attend the lunch:

We are making the transition from Virtual back to an In-Person format with a virtual feed for those still needing to isolate.

11th December 2021 Branch Christmas Lunch at 1.00 pm at Giulianos, 18-19 Union Place, Edinburgh, EH13NQ. Contact the Secretary to book.

8th January 2022 Bring & Discuss (Virtual and the Harry Younger Hall)

12th February 2022 The Binns Clock (Virtual and the Harry Younger Hall) – Mark Crangle (Cumbria Clock Co)

12th March 2022 ‘Swing Time – Making a Wooden Pendulum Clock’ (Virtual and the Harry Younger Hall) – George Johnston

9th April 2022 Ritchie Clocks – Eddy Odell (Professor of oral pathology and medicine KCL) (Virtual and the Harry Younger Hall)

14th May 2022 IWC Calibre 71/72 ‘Fishtail’ Pocket Watch Movement’ – Owen Gilchrist (BHI Bristol Branch) (Virtual and the Harry Younger Hall)

We are always on the lookout for new speakers or topics to include in our programmes.  If you have any suggestions, or perhaps would like to volunteer to give a talk yourself, please contact the Branch Secretary.

See also our Previous Events.

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